i sew becuase it relaxes me...
all about me, my family and what we do.

live well. laugh often. love much. words to live by. but, what you may not realize is that those
sentiments are actually only a small part of a poem by Bessie Anderson Stanley written
in 1904. The full poem can be found below.

10 things about me

Here are 10 small fact that you might not have known about me. 

10. I have a drinking problem.  I can't decide if I like coffee, tea, margaritas or wine the best.

9.  I am still trying to find the drum so I can march to that beat.

8.  I secretly celebrate my 1/2 birthday.  I guess that isn't a secret anymore.

7.  My favorite numbers are prime numbers.

6.  I met my soul mate when I was 16.

5.  I secretly wish i was a perfectionist.

4.  I have the best kids.  My daughter is just like me and my son is just like my husband.  There are times that worries me; for a multitude of reasons!

3.  I love the color orange and don't think it is used nearly enough in society.

2.  I am a truly happy person.

1.  I think you can have it all.