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sentiments are actually only a small part of a poem by Bessie Anderson Stanley written
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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Let It Go!!!

Sometime in life we just have to just LET IT GO! 

I was thinking about something today.  How many time do we hold on to things that we just don't need.  I don't just mean the thing we can touch either; of course we all have more of that than we probably need too. I am talking about the baggage that we carry around from our past that we can't do anything about.  We can't change what has happened.  Hell, sometimes we can even accept it.  We just stand there paralyses by the fact that it even happened. 

Well, it did happen.  There is nothing that will change the fact that it did happen.  So we can take what we can from the experience and the rest we can just LET IT GO.  Let go of the blame, the resentment and the hurt that is keeping from doing something that will make you happy.  Take what has happened and either learn from it and don't do it again or decide to start over and make the same mistake again. Either way, you would have done more then just doing nothing while sulking. 

I have officially decided to LET IT GO!  Join me!!!

This is just a photo I really like of my Grandmother's garden.  The pink flowers and wheel remind me of here.  I am thinking about making a photo quilt.  I will likely do a portrait of my grandmothers gardens.  I thought it would be amazing if I could make a quilt of her gardens out of my children's old clothing.  It just seems I have so much going on I will never get to all these projects!  Anyone know how to get more time in the day?

heather m.   

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