i sew becuase it relaxes me...
all about me, my family and what we do.

live well. laugh often. love much. words to live by. but, what you may not realize is that those
sentiments are actually only a small part of a poem by Bessie Anderson Stanley written
in 1904. The full poem can be found below.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tales of the Weeks

Well, it has been forever since I posted.  That is becuase we have been so busy.  In the past three weeks we:

Went to Calloway Gardens for Ronald Bike for MS Fundraiser.  My cousin, father-in-law and husband all rode 96 miles to raise money for MS.  We all had a great time cheering them on.  Here is Ronald crossing the finish line. 

Celebrated our anniversary 6 year anniversary.  I can't believe how fast it has gone by.  Can't wait to see what we do for the next 6 years.

Gone camping at the lake with our friends.  I did have a cute photo of the kids and Ronald fishing but I can't find it. 

I made Ronald a new apron for grilling complete with a tool belt.  I tried my hardest to make it more manly but it is still an apron.  I like the flaming chili peppers!

More photos to follow!!!!