i sew becuase it relaxes me...
all about me, my family and what we do.

live well. laugh often. love much. words to live by. but, what you may not realize is that those
sentiments are actually only a small part of a poem by Bessie Anderson Stanley written
in 1904. The full poem can be found below.

Friday, February 24, 2012

I've Mooooved! Moo Loud!

You can now find me at MooLoud.com!

I am happy to announce that I have officially moved.

The address has changed, the look has changed , and the features have changed.  But, its still all about my life quilting, sewing, DIY-ing, wife-ing, mothering, friend-ing, working, making life more fun, motivating others around me and the lessons my kids have taught me.  Also, my "Heather's Special" recipes for food and drinks are being thrown in there.

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heather m.

As an added bonus, I have included a translator so you can now read my blog in your favorite language!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

"You Are Loved" and Focus Dory

Even though I have 3 quilts I need to finish I decided to start this one.  Sometimes, I just I want to work on something that is fun, new, and different.  This project has been FUN!  This was made using my new favorite technique, TUBE QUILTING!!!!

I have a tendency to start new projects before I complete the project I was working on.  I used to think it was because I liked to "multi-task".  In reality, I think it's because I have Oh-look!-Shiny-object! syndrome.  I do go back and finish up all the projects, they just get rotated.

I  think the best part of quilting is the story that is sewn into each quilt while they're being made.  Each quilt has aspects that are unique to the creator.  I'm not talking about the seams matching or fabric selections.  Each quilt has a piece of its creators heart sewn into it.

I have named this quilt "You Are Loved".  When it is complete I will write the story of how this quilt came to be, the meaning and what the inspiration was.  As a teaser though this small quilt is being made for a baby girl.  A baby girl that I see as being brave, illuminated and compassionate.

So, I used 3 yards of fabric so far this week!  I also got a new 15" square ruler!  It is AWESOME!  Who knew there was so much cool thing for quilting.  I love rulers!

Let me know what you think of the new design.

heather m. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Let It Go!!!

Sometime in life we just have to just LET IT GO! 

I was thinking about something today.  How many time do we hold on to things that we just don't need.  I don't just mean the thing we can touch either; of course we all have more of that than we probably need too. I am talking about the baggage that we carry around from our past that we can't do anything about.  We can't change what has happened.  Hell, sometimes we can even accept it.  We just stand there paralyses by the fact that it even happened. 

Well, it did happen.  There is nothing that will change the fact that it did happen.  So we can take what we can from the experience and the rest we can just LET IT GO.  Let go of the blame, the resentment and the hurt that is keeping from doing something that will make you happy.  Take what has happened and either learn from it and don't do it again or decide to start over and make the same mistake again. Either way, you would have done more then just doing nothing while sulking. 

I have officially decided to LET IT GO!  Join me!!!

This is just a photo I really like of my Grandmother's garden.  The pink flowers and wheel remind me of here.  I am thinking about making a photo quilt.  I will likely do a portrait of my grandmothers gardens.  I thought it would be amazing if I could make a quilt of her gardens out of my children's old clothing.  It just seems I have so much going on I will never get to all these projects!  Anyone know how to get more time in the day?

heather m.   

Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Motivation

"Just keep swimming.  Just keep swimming." ~ Dory from Disney's Finding Nemo

I have planned and carefully arranged everything down to the most minute details.  I know everything is going to be perfect.  I've rehearse it in my mind at least a dozen times.  Finally, I see the light at the end of the tunnel and the rewards that come with my success.  This is my moment to shine.  And then, BAM!!!  In an instant I watch all my hard work fall apart around me in what feels like slow motion.  I see nothing but the disaster that surrounds me.

Amazingly, these "disasters" are the times in my lives I remember the most.  These are the memories that make me cry, laugh, regret, rejoice, and, sometimes, just simply sigh.  These are the events that remind me my life is  intertwined with everyone and thing around me.  I can't control the actions and decisions others make even if when they effect "my plan".  I am only accountable to my actions and decisions.

Life throws me a wrench when it seems I am finally getting comfortable.  But, it is a disaster?  Is it a total loss and failure?  Or, did things just not go as I planned?  When everything around me is falling apart in slow motion I don't just stand there and watch.  My plans didn't fail.  My hard work hasn't gone to waste.   I find the reason I started doing "it" in the first place.  The "thing" that was going to make me believe I was a success.  It might be lost, but it is still there.

Now, I change my plans.  I make a new plan.  As soon as I can.  This one, too, will likely fail.  I have more failures than successes.  I will cry, laugh, regret, rejoice and, sometimes, just simply sigh.  And then, I change my plans.  If I stop and float I will never "succeed" so I "Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming." 

Started a new project this week!  I am done with the borders on my "Plans Have Changed" quilt and will be quilting it soon.  I need to piece the back.  I was just so excited about this fabric I had to dig in tonight.  My amazing daughter picked all this fabric out.  She is so amazing with color.

This is going to a bright and festive baby quilt.  I can't wait to see this quilt.  I will have to think of a great name during the next week.  Fabric purchased last week - 6 yards.  Fabric used last week - 3 yards.  Not bad...

heather m. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Monday Motivation

I can be changed by what happens to me, but I refuse to be reduced by it.  ~ Maya Angelou

Whether it is a welcomed, anticipated event, like the birth of a child or new job, or a forced, tragic event, like a diagnosis of cancer or death of a loved one, we are who we are becuase of what we have been through.  It is important to remember that even though we do not always like or accept what is happening, the events in our lives do not rule over us.  Theses events change who we are and form our beliefs, our attitudes, and our compassion for our fellow man. 

Do not let the events of your life reduce you, but let them make you stronger. 

Crazy, Crazy, Crazy... that pretty much sums up my weekend and week.  It has just been a whirlwind of fun whirlwind of fabric.  I have only used 1/3 yard this weekend but I purchased 6 yards.  Most of that will be used in the next 3 weeks but it does still count. 

I will keep all posted.

heather m.