i sew becuase it relaxes me...
all about me, my family and what we do.

live well. laugh often. love much. words to live by. but, what you may not realize is that those
sentiments are actually only a small part of a poem by Bessie Anderson Stanley written
in 1904. The full poem can be found below.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Monday Motivation

I can be changed by what happens to me, but I refuse to be reduced by it.  ~ Maya Angelou

Whether it is a welcomed, anticipated event, like the birth of a child or new job, or a forced, tragic event, like a diagnosis of cancer or death of a loved one, we are who we are becuase of what we have been through.  It is important to remember that even though we do not always like or accept what is happening, the events in our lives do not rule over us.  Theses events change who we are and form our beliefs, our attitudes, and our compassion for our fellow man. 

Do not let the events of your life reduce you, but let them make you stronger. 

Crazy, Crazy, Crazy... that pretty much sums up my weekend and week.  It has just been a whirlwind of fun whirlwind of fabric.  I have only used 1/3 yard this weekend but I purchased 6 yards.  Most of that will be used in the next 3 weeks but it does still count. 

I will keep all posted.

heather m.

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