i sew becuase it relaxes me...
all about me, my family and what we do.

live well. laugh often. love much. words to live by. but, what you may not realize is that those
sentiments are actually only a small part of a poem by Bessie Anderson Stanley written
in 1904. The full poem can be found below.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Well, how long has it been!

We have finally settled in.  We aren't unpacked and situated but we are getting there.  And... I found the sewing maching a couple of days ago!  I have not had it since October due to the fact that it was in storage.  What was suppose to be a 2 month move has ended up being 7 months! What a relief!  I am hoping to do some sewing soon.

I am still in the process of setting up the sewning room... yes, sewing room.  It will actually be a sewing, toy and play room but I will take what I can get.  I think it will work out quite nicely.  I can't wait to get the design wall up and the machine set up.  I have some GREAT ideas for projects I want to do.

I did take advantage though and the last visited to my Mom I used her maching and made the cutest apron from some of her old jeans.  I am looking forward to making a few more. I made one for me for doing home projects like painting (I did just move) and I made one for my Mom for doing gardening (she loves to do that).  I hope she will enjoy her as much as I will mine.  Now, if I could just start sewing again; it just seems to relax me!

 I will keep you posted on the sewing room and when i get the machine up and running... AHHH I can't wait!