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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weekend Review

As usual it was a crazy weekend.  Not enough time and too much to do.  I did get a little bit bit of creating done.  I worked on BabyBull's quilting this weekend.  I can see how they say that you need 200 hours of free motion quilting to even get used to it.  I am on the 6th block and it is just now starting to remoting look like quilting.  It doesn't even look like the quilts you normally see.  I figured I had to start somewher though.  Here is a progress photo!  Looks like I just piled it up on the table and called it a day.

In addition I also went to a Groovy Girls meeting at the quilt shop I go to in Marietta, Tiny Stitches.  Needless to say we made these fabric fortune cookies.  MiniMoo, daughter, just thought they were the neatest things. I might make a few for her to take to school with her and pass out.  They are super easy and who couldn't use a fortune!

In addition to all that I have been planning out Christmas presents.  I have some of the best ideas this year.  I starting the purchasing for that this weekend too. 

I am still planning out the Halloween costumes for the kids too.  I always make MiniMoo's and this is not exception this year.  She is going to be a Pirate Kitty so I will let you know how that is progressing.  I know it will be a tutu type skirt with pink satin over it, high black boots, a kitten mask and tail. We are still working on the shirt and if she will need a glove, eyepatch, hook or parrot.  I think the parrot is a must but I can do without the rest of that stuff.  She is so excited and got a little upset that I hadn't started sewing it yet.  I have 1 month you know. 

So that is:
1 week to finish BabyBull's quilt
1 months for MiniMe's Halloween costume
2 months for Christmas presents
This sounds like it is all going to get done right!

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